Nonprofit and Public Management

Capacity Building, Resource Development and Strategic Planning

Affordable Housing and Community Development


Strategic and Business Planning
  • Worked confidentially with several nonprofit organizations to prepare for future growth and change, including business analysis and planning for a local organization seeking to expand regionally, resource development strategic planning to support an organizational expansion and decreased dependence on public funding, strategic partnership and merger exploration, and human resources strategic planning to prepare for the retirement of a long-time Executive Director.

    From the Executive Director of an organization considering expansion of its geographic area:

    "Andrea worked with me, our Board of Directors, and the project funder to understand the organization's capacity and the environment, make recommendations to me and the board, and facilitate discussions among the diverse constituencies involved in making the decision of whether or not to expand. Through the assessment, Andrea developed an understanding of the agency's strengths and weaknesses and surveyed the local market for our services. Andrea also provided us with an organizational assessment, important feedback from our partners and stakeholders, a cost-benefit analysis of the expansion and an implementation plan. She worked with me to present findings to our Board and committee members and to ensure that decision-makers had the information we needed to make this important decision."

    "It was a pleasure working with Andrea on this critical project. She understands both the community development corporation business model and affordable housing from a municipal level, which were important skills to bring to our analysis. She had a good rapport with our board of directors and was able to keep me focused throughout our time together. I highly recommend Andrea as a technical assistance provider."
Resource Development Strategy and Implementation
  • As part of a transition and interim management team, led the resource development and community relations activities for a community organization serving Vietnamese residents in the Boston area. Raised more than $400,000 in corporate, foundation and governmental funding to support programs and operations as part of the agency's $1.4 million annual budget. Funds raised supported affordable housing, community building, resident organizing, public safety, economic development, child care, and other programs. Also implemented individual donor and membership initiatives.
  • Submitted a successful application for more than $80,000 in funds from HUD's Emergency Capital Repair Program to replace and repair the heat and hot water systems in a subsidized elderly housing development owned and managed by Hebrew SeniorLife.
  • During an executive transition, provided resource development consulting for a community-based organization serving Latino newcomers in an urban neighborhood. Raised funds for youth programs, education, immigration, employment, and other programs and services.
Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Collaborated on study design and co-authored Beyond the Front Door: Families and Management Practices in Home Funders' Properties with Keri-Nicole Dillman. This study provided a foundation for reflection and decision-making about the investment strategy of a collective initiative for funding affordable rental housing for extremely low-income families in Massachusetts. Download the full report (PDF) or the executive summary (PDF).
  • Coordinated a long-term evaluation of a regional nonprofit's Fair Housing Enforcement Program, funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Worked with staff, program participants and volunteers to assess program effectiveness and participant satisfaction, recommended programmatic and operational improvements and changes where appropriate.
  • Provided interim program management and assessment for the lending programs of a community development corporation on behalf of their national partner, NeighborWorks America.
Housing Research and Public Policy
  • Co-authored a report commissioned by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society about affordable and market rate rental and ownership housing options for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Worked with a committee, staff, and two other consultants to identify housing and funding options, successful models for potential replication, and potential development partners.
  • Assisted a municipality, nonprofit partner and funder in designing a program to address distressed and foreclosed properties in the large, urban community of Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Updated and edited a rental and ownership housing resource guide for lower income people with disabilities for Citizens' Housing & Planning Association (CHAPA).

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